Marco De Aguilar

Fast learning and the fact that he speaks several languages allowed him to start working on international feature films. This knowledge has been successfully translated into international TVC and viral campaigns.
Ronaldo for Herbalife
Gareth Bale & Sergio Aguero
Nissan Iniesta

Marco De Aguilar



Born in Madrid in 1972. Marco started his career working on large feature films in a variety of roles.

 In 2000 he started directing commercials. Since then, Marco has been shooting commercials with great success in Spain and abroad.

His client list ranges from AXA insurances, Mahou, Retevision to Telecom Italy, 

In 2009 Kanzam Film Productions called him to Direct his first Long film “Senderos del Alma” (Flamenco: A way of life). Creating a film of unique cultural importance and perhaps one of the most authentic documents about the great development and growth of the Flamenco Music during the last thirty years. In this coral film that talks about music you can find and meet all the greatest flamenco legends.

Nowadays he is based between Madrid, Rome and Rejkjavik, working in commercials and preparing two new feature films.