We love Hong Kong

From Kung Fu DOP's to Bruce Lee seasoned stunt choreographers, iconic skylines to amazing food - Hong Kong remains a vital production hub for Munderbar. We offer full production services in Hong Kong from our local office.
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We love Hong Kong

Production Services

We love Hong Kong!

A hub in the past - a hub in the future.

Apart from its iconic locations and experienced specialist crew - Hong Kong really has a lot to offer for productions.

This is why we chose to have a physical office in Hong Kong - Munderbar mixes German precision, British creativity with Spanish way of life….and the understanding of Asian culture and tradition.

If you are looking for high quality and reliable video production services in Hong Kong look no further. 

Whether you have existing creative and only need production services, or you are looking for advice on the local feasibility of your story board or treatment, we are here to help.

We have the crew and experience to assist you with logistics, locations, planning, execution as well as local motion graphics and post production if required.

 From Kung Fu DOP to Bruce Lee seasoned stunt choreographers we have a network of crew of the highest level at your disposal.

 As specialists in branded content from traditional TVC, TV commercial an online viral on much tighter purse strings that looks like a commercial, we will make your production happen in Hong Kong!

On time and on budget. We’ll take the headache out of your production. For an informal chat and/or a budget just get in touch…